Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Birds Of California

Tweefort records are a label I've mentioned a couple of times already since I've been sporadically updating this blog. They've done a really great job of getting regional bands releasing stuff and have also issued one of the best albums of recent months in 'Like An Octopus', the debut album from Women's Basketball. Taking the local (Connecticut) and making it global is always a fine thing to do. Anyway, due to the wish to be even more inclusive for a broader range of music, the label is changing it's name. By the end of the summer they'll be called February records. A name I like a lot better. Not that I mind Tweefort as a name, it's just that in some circles, rather sadly, the word 'twee' still has a few negative connotations and it almost instantly pigeonholes. The name change can only be a good thing, and if it helps the label sign bands and releases more (and more diverse) records then it's fantastic.

Which brings us nicely to Birds Of California and their Great Expectations EP which just happens to be the latest Tweefort/February free digital single. Birds Of California have 2 of Lunchbox and a member of Boyracer among their number, so they've got a fine pedigree from the beginning. They make a fuzzy, melodic swirling pop packed with melody and harmony and powered by horns. First track 'Great Expectations' being a case in point. Horn driven lines, coupled with little interesting sonic flourishes and a strong melody point the way.

Second track 'Saturday' starts off sounding like Pavement, with a sprinkle of Sparklehorse. It's impressive stuff. The kind of melody you find yourself humming down the street when you least expect it. There's a pretty ace and uplifting guitar solo in their too.

Final track 'Laugh Out Loud' continues with the horn motif, adding a spacier sound with a rousing coda of doo doo doos, and a slight hint of shoegaze.

All in all it's a really fine, really strong offering. which you pick up, well download, from tweefort/february for free right HERE. If this is the kind of stuff they'll be releasing under the new name then the future is very bright indeed.


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