Tuesday, 8 December 2009

The 'C' word

Well, it's been quite some time since I've been around this manor, hasn't it? I've no real excuses, blame the new Xbox, a few trips to the pub or sheer laziness if you must. Me, I blame Thatcher.

Anyway enough of that, I've popped in firstly to draw your attention to a little Christmas Comp that's available, at the moment. I suspect anyone who actually reads this aware of it, but if not the link to read about it follows : -


I've not heard it, I will be honest, but I'm going to get it as soon as possible, as should you, especially since it's a run of 500 copies. Also it's going to be great, I can't think it would be anything but given the list of bands on there.

I should get a copy for my mum too, anything to avoid the waking terror of Cliff Richard this year.

Secondly, may I draw your attention to yet another new gem from MJ Hibbett. It's called 'I Got You What You Want For Christmas', it's has that classic opening christmas sound. Hard to explain but I think you'll understand when you hear it. It's also got two splendid videos. You can see the videos yourself over at the Hibbett and Validators website which you can find HERE. Enjoy, but be warned it's intensely catchy.