Tuesday, 8 June 2010

World Cup Fever


Bloody hell it's been so long since I've done one of these you'd have been forgiven for thinking I'd died, or that my hands had dropped off through lack of use. Happily that's not the case and I've returned to burn your eyes with words yet again.

Anyway in case you've been asleep for the last few months, whether you like the sport or not you can't have failed to notice that it's world cup year. What this means is a whole lot of ball kicking on telly for a month, and sometimes a world cup song or two. England have had some pretty awful ones in the past, but Alayerofchips recently posted a fantastic song by Mark E Smith's side project Shuttleworth which is ace. So on a similar theme and attempting to go one better here's fabulously brilliant band Eux Autres doing "World Cup Fever 2010". It's giddy, be warned.

Also on a World Cup bent, Indiecater records have put together a world cup collection of songs about countries into group order. Band of the moment, Standard Fare's ditto about Mexico is about as enjoyable as you could expect a song to be! It's available to listen to from that link above, and you can buy it too in what sounds like a really nice package; I'd definitely suggest you do that.

I'm off now, apologies for the unreasonably long hiatus, normally service will be resumed shortly!

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